Monday, July 02, 2007

Tempting Sleeve

I am pleased to say that I have Achieved Sleeves. The Ann Norling method worked, and I note that Jenna Adorno changed her directions for attaching sleeves to sweaters knit in the round to basically the Norling method in her pattern featured on Knitty Gritty and Stitch and Bitch Nation. My only problem is that the join is a mess; the stitches are all stretched out, and I hope that can be repaired when I graft the armpits. Well, okay, my other problem is that it looks teeny tiny! I got gauge when I swatched. I guess this is where I trust the yarn and hope the ribbing stretches appropriately.

Speaking of gauge, is it me, or do they never, ever talk about gauge on Knitty Gritty? On the old shows, they would give the specific yarn and a needle size. On the new shows, they don't mention any specific brand but talk about yarn weight in a very offhand, vague way. Granted many of the projects don't require gauge, but I think this does a huge disservice to new knitters who need to know 1. what gauge is, and 2. how to substitute brands of yarn, both in terms of weight and yardage needed.

And now for some Mason-Dixon knitting, which of course I started up again as soon as I got my new needles. I am a junkie for sure. Both of these are gifts and you all will note that none of the ends are woven in, nor are there any buttons. Have I mentioned I hate finishing work?


Amanda said...

Oh! The sweater looks great! I had similar stretched stitch problems when I attached the sleeves to Avast. The first 6 rows where so tough to slide around on the needle too. Now that I am further away I was able to tug and pull the underarm area back into its origional shape. Hopefully you will find the same to be true with the tempting pattern!

LisaBe said...

it looks SO pretty. the ribbing will look great--form-fitting and sleek. it's a great sweater.
i'm sure i can share some of my koigu windfall with you :) we'll get together one of these days and knit. you don't want to see "sicko" with us on the fourth, do you? our friends lotta and majid are joining us as well, but i have no idea what time we're going.