Monday, July 09, 2007


Braaaaaaains. I feel like a zombie. Must. Play. With. Ravelry. It's wonderful. It's addictive. And best of all, I have told my husband that it will help me organize my yarn. He's been on me to clean out my yarn cupboards and other hidey-holes for months. I seem to have him thinking that this Ravelry thing is good and he's let me play on it for the past day and a half while he takes care of Henry. Ha! Can I also say that my favorite part of Ravelry so far is the UGH! section? It makes me feel better that other people have disastrous projects sometimes.

Speaking of disastrous projects, yesterday at the Knit and Stitch, Erin asked me if I brought my sock. Well, I had, but I was too embarrassed to bring it out. So instead, I will show it to the entire internets. I have no idea what I am doing wrong except that the needles feel too clunky and the tension is terrible - very loose and shapeless. Is this something that will shake out as I continue, or have I screwed it all up?

In happier news, I'm making a scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts for my husband for our anniversary. Not exactly cotton, but it'll do.


LisaBe said...

it will get better--the first few rounds are always wonkier than the rest. think about the first few rounds of a sweater you knit in the round--the stitches really are pretty wonky; the only reason they hold any circular shape at all is because the needle makes a circle. the dpns just don't have that structure on their own.
if they really are too frustrating, let's get together soon and i'll show you the magic loop method--it keeps the stitches in a more socklike shape and is much easier to handle, in my opinion.
(p.s.--i cast on embossed leaves yesterday and i just finished the heel flap! a very easy pattern. though the heel turning instructions are kind of dopey, so i'm going to change them a little. anyway, i heart the koigu!)

Amy said...

Ditto Lisa. It will get better. I meant to ask you about your sock on Sunday and I forgot - my apologies.

The other option is to try a pair of socks with worsted weight yarn first. It goes faster and the thicker yarn has more structure than the fingering weight.

If you decide to try magic loop, I have a size 1 Addi Turbo that you're welcome to borrow.