Thursday, July 05, 2007

In which I attempt to get organized...

...and fail miserably.

Every so often, I think I ought to clean up my yarn cupboard. I virtuously got out my ziplock bags in assorted sizes and put yarn I'd bought specifically for projects into bags, labelled the bags with the name of the project, what book or website the pattern was from, and if I had them handy, put the correct needles in the bag. This worked well for about five minutes. Then I got overwhelmed with all the random crap I have: dishcloth cotton, remnants of past projects, and a surprising amount of stash yarn from the closing sales of the Pittsburgh Knit and Bead. It's a disaster in there. I stuffed everything back in the cupboard and ran away.

I have a project that I need to brainstorm. My husband and I follow the traditional list for anniversary gifts. This year is our second, so the gift is "cotton." He suggested that I knit him something. But what? I don't have time to finish the Manly Sweater from Stitch 'n Bitch. He has two scarves. What can I make for a man that I can finish in a month?

Finally, you know what is really entertaining for a thirteen month old? Watching yarn being wound from a swift. It's enough to make me want to haul out my entire stash and wind it up.


LisaBe said...

ah, i've had that day. a few times. i actually get it all done, and then i proceed to BUY MORE YARN. or needles or whatever. it screws up my whole system. i currently have everything completely organized upstairs, but an entire dresser's worth of additional yarn, projects, and needles in bags downstairs just waiting to be added to the craft room. sigh.
we (read: i) want to do the cotton anniversary thing, too. i suspect i will try to make him cotton-blend socks, or i'll end up buying him some cotton clothes (shirts, t-shirts, jeans--his de facto uniform at work). he'd never wear a cotton sweater anyway, my guy. freak.

Amanda said...

Does your husband golf? There are quite a few cute patterns for club covers which would make a lovely gift (or so my husband has hinted).