Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I broke our digital camera while taking pictures of my FO's for Ravelry (okay, I dropped it and jammed the power button, but that's fine because we needed a new one anyway) so you will be spared pictures, but my socks actually seem to be working out now that I've got an inch of ribbing completed. I'm still concerned that the gauge is too loose, but I think (I hope) it will resolve itself when I get to the plain stockinette part.

Here's my Ravelry Shout-Out of the Day: two of my photos have been selected for their featured pictures. So if you're looking to make anything out of the Itty-Bitty Hats book, that's my Candy Cane and Rainbow Marley hat you'll see.

And now for some grumpiness: I am mad at KnitPicks and mad at myself. I put two books in my stash there when the 40% off sale was announced. I left them in my stash because I wanted to wait until July 11, the next promised date for CotLin delivery, so I could combine the order and get free shipping. This morning I logged into KnitPicks, and found that the books had been sold out and, yes, you guessed it, still no CotLin. Argh!

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Becca said...

I feel your KP pain. I've been trying to place an order of their new sized circ needles in the 32 in. size and they finally have them in stock after so long. And of course, when the needles are in, the CotLin is out! It frustrates me that they get new products, but not enough of them to keep them in stock.

And yet I keep ordering....

Cute little hats there!