Monday, June 16, 2008

It could have been soooo much worse, I guess

We had a bug infestation in our rice recently (lesson learned: those big bags of rice Costco aren't such a good deal after all; better to buy small quantities and keep them stored in glass containers). So that made me a teensy bit paranoid about my stash, and I decided to take a look yesterday.

It's a good thing I did. No, my stash hasn't been eaten through entirely, but I was forced to confront The Shame of My Stash. See, long ago, before my wedding even, I bought a very expensive Colinette AbFab Throw kit at the height of their popularity. If you remember those, you remember how expensive they were. Anyway, I bought it and then abandoned the project about six inches into it. I know, I know. I never even entered it into my Ravelry Stash or Project page. I just stuffed it in its original plastic bag in the bottom of my cupboard and pretended it didn't exist. Guess which plastic bag had a hole in it? Guess which project had the tell-tale signs of, gulp, moths, on one of the skeins of yarn?

To my credit, I didn't freak out. I brushed off the visible moth....stuff outside, put the offending project in a new plastic bag, sealed it, and put it in Time Out in the deep freezer in the basement. The rest of my stash appears to be unharmed. I vacuumed the living daylights out of the stash cupboard, put in a ton of cedar blocks, and made sure everything was securely packaged in ziplocks. The sweater quantities are okay. The Precious Sock Yarns are tightly wrapped and then stored in plastic boxes with snap-on lids. I think it will all be all right. I hope.


Sarah said...

Eeek! Scary stuff! I'm glad to hear everything else was okay, though.

Unknown said...

that once happened to me--in the flour, rice, cereal, every grain I had! I feel your pain!

LisaBe said...

omg--i had the same reaction as sarah's: eeeek!! i had a moth infestation in ALL MY SWEATERS in my previous apartment. i was heartbroken to have to throw out so many beloved sweaters. tons of them. but i'd been storing them on open shelves (sweaters are bulky! how do people store them?), and our exterminator in this house has told me that anything like sweaters or precious items should be stored in a closed space, such as a closet or drawer, and always to close the closet door. thankfully, we've had no moths in this house. crossing my fingers!! oh, and if you need replacements for any of your stash, let me know. i'll be happy to share mine or go shopping for more :)