Saturday, June 07, 2008

As if the Startitis weren't bad enough

Jeez. I love to start projects, but I rarely see big projects, like sweaters, that make me shriek and exclaim "I must cast on for that RIGHT NOW." Usually I need to ruminate on them, look at the patterns for awhile, see how other people interpret them, think carefully about yarn choice, etc. etc. etc.

Until today.

I logged onto Ravelry and hit my "Friend Activity" tab, which is seriously greater than Facebook and Myspace and all those other things put together, and saw an adaptation of Elizabeth Zimmermann's February Baby Sweater on Two Needles for grownups in, like, five other people's queues. It's the February Lady Sweater!

I need yarn. It's a good thing I work at a LYS. It's a good thing I work in a LYS today, like in an hour. Anyone up for a KAL?


Amanda said...

I am totally knitting one too. The question is do i make EJs first?

Lou said...

I had the same reaction - only I now have to wait til Monday to go and get the yarn. I don't *think* I have anything in my stash that's quite right.

Anyway, I'd be up for a KAL. Sounds like fun :-)

cosymakes said...

me too me too!!

Unknown said...

seriously, I'm knitting the baby version right now and I so wish I had enough to make one for me first!