Saturday, June 07, 2008

Everyone else is doing it

The February Lady Sweater was in 500-something queues when I saw and queued it this morning. When I got to work and showed it to Kelli, it was at 600-something. By the time Lisa showed up and cast on for it, the number had risen to 777. As of now, 6:00 PM, it's in 937 queues. Is this some kind of new record?

Natural Stitches had a run today of Dream In Color Classy because of this sweater. I bought some In Vino Veritas for my Lady Sweater; Lisa bought Dusky Aurora for hers. And then! We got to meet PAKnitWit from Ravelry, who brought in her socks to be measured for our Summer of Socks contest; she took one look at the pattern and bought some DIC for her own green Lady Sweater. We love to enable. It's a KAL after all!


LisaBe said...

so far, so good. i cannot, however, call it a lady sweater. that is because, when zuzu is licking herself, we say that she's doing her lady business. (thank you, liz lemon, for that artful turn of phrase.) instead, i have called it my "what's all the fuss about? a.k.a. she's no lady, she's my sweater" sweater. i think it's catchy.

Sarah said...

You guys are such a "bad" influence! But I am loving my yarn! I swatched yesterday as soon as I got home and will be casting on tonight. I know I'm not completely insane for starting a wool sweater in the middle of this heat because you girls are doing it too!