Sunday, January 13, 2008

I ripped

So the pooling on the Subway Mittens broke up beautifully when I switched to larger needles and did the increases for the thumb gusset. Yay! Imagine my dismay when it started pooling all over again after I put the thumb stitches on waste yarn. Boo!

Considering I'd cast on for these mittens three times, I figured the Universe was trying to tell me something, namely that this beautiful colorway isn't meant to be mittens. I put it back on the ballwinder and frogged it, and I'll do the mittens some other time in the plain old Cascade 220 I had originally planned.

But, but, I wanted to knit something, anything with Malabrigo! Never mind that I have oh, around four UFOs I could have been working on instead. I needed my fix. So while I had the ballwinder and swift out, I decided to wind up a hank of a semisolid colorway from my stash. Big mistake. I had a winding disaster that reminded me why I should not feel nostalgic for the old Knit and Bead days where I'd spend entire Saturdays winding customers' yarn. It was 9:30 at night: I had wet laundry waiting to go in the dryer, the dishes were undone, and here I was untangling Malabrigo.

But finally I cast on for Dashing. I got my Malabrigo fix, but it was hard-won. Ahhhh, that feels better.

In other exciting knitting news, I have a Secret Knitting Project to do! However, I know something that I'm not supposed to know, so not only do I have to keep the Secret Knitting a secret from the recipient, I have to rig the Secret Knitting so people other than the recipient don't know that I know that secret something. Confused yet? I am.


Melissa said...

Now I'm confused, too, lol.

Anonymous said...

Good for you in continuing your quest to knit malabrigo! Trust me I understand a little too well to want to knit anything with that yarn.