Saturday, January 12, 2008

Holy pooling, Batman! (or, To Rip or Not to Rip)

I love Malabrigo. I love this Stonechat colorway.

That said, UGH! I cast on for the Subway Mittens from Interweave Knits last night (even though we really have no use for such a thing, given the way public transportation is set up in Pittsburgh).

Here's one side of the cuff. Very pretty, huh?

And now here's the other side. UGH!

What would you do? Whenever I see projects that have pooled on Ravelry, I think "Man, that would drive me nuts. Why didn't she rip that out?" But now that I'm in that position, I spent two freaking hours on that cuff last night (yes, I know I am a slow knitter). The pooling is shifting as I work more on the thumb gusset, but will I look at the cuff and think "yuck!" every time I wear this?

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LisaBe said...

it is such gorgeous yarn.

you could view it as a design feature. i mean, if you were trying to get one color on the inside of your wrist and a different one on the outside, you really couldn't have designed this any better.

if it's going to make you nuts, you could knit the wrist sideways, then pick up the side stitches to make the hand.

i'm just saying: it's bad knitting mojo not to be able to knit with friends for so long. i am going through withdrawal already, and it's only day one.