Wednesday, March 04, 2009

This selfish knitting thing

...doesn't seem to be working out very well for me. At the store, we incorporated community service into Franklin's visit and collected items for the Women's Center and Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh. I made

Baby Boy 5-Hour Sweater from some Schulana SuperCotton I'd had in my stash forever (so, so much fun to knit with, very sproingy)


My variation of yet another Super-Natural Stripes, using up the last of my Berroco Comfort.


Janet said...

These are two of the most adorable baby sweaters I have ever seen! Selfish knitting is overrated, anyway -- if I could churn out things in my size at the same pace that I can make baby items... well, then maybe I'd think differently!

Sue said...

Oh they are just so adorable. Wouldnt it be great if adult knits took as little time as baby knits, but then that is why most people love knitting them, because they are for cute small people and take no time at all.