Thursday, March 26, 2009

Color on a rainy day

I am not sure what March showers bring except a bored toddler and trouble for the folks living along the Red River, but in the midst of all this, I think we all desperately need a flash or two of color. And this is big coming from the knitter who loves all things gray.

Baby Moderne Blanket from Mason Dixon Knitting. This is for a dear friend who is having a baby next month. You know she's dear because I am making this in sock yarn, but honestly, this has been a pleasure to knit so far. I think a blanket made from Dream in Color Smooshy is perfect for a little Kentucky baby girl, don't you?

Basic vanilla Yarn Harlot socks in Regia, Kaffe Fassett's Easter colorway. I actually cast on for these on my birthday, a particularly gray day, because Colleen was making some at work and I wanted pinky stripes tooooo.


Unknown said...

wow, DIC is making for an awesome blanket. I want one for ME. I also want those socks--loving the way some of the stripes are...what's the word for not straight in this case?

Cara said...

love the colors for the blanket and i love the socks too, especially how the blue looks like little waves as it moves into the pink! how sweet is that?!

Amanda said...

Great yarn on both projects. I too am a fan of the waves in the socks! really spices up the stripes. I have to admit I wasn't sure how the DIC would knit up in the blanket, but I am a convert. Very pretty!