Thursday, January 15, 2009

Simon Cowell wants you to knit selfishly in 2009

On the American Idol boards on Ravelry, folks are suggesting a sweater KAL. So for the past few nights, I've knit on my Ingenue and only my Ingenue. No socks, no Man Sweater Slog, no Red Sweaters, Please. Let's just hope that I finish it well before the finale; I think it will be too hot to wear a wool and mohair sweater in May.


Sarah said...

I'm just waiting for a KAL for a pattern called -- wait for it -- the Simon Cowl. (Actually, it might exist already. Must go check Ravelry.)

LisaBe said...

@sj: :snort:

i didn't knit at all last night. i stopped work too late to get all my evening crap done before knitting. but i knitted for probably that amount during the day today—not on the cobbleslog but on a new pair of anemoi mittens (for two kals on ravelry: the naknitmitmo and the anemoi kal). (they may also qualify as a 2009 xmas knit for the yearlong gift-along, the handmade holidays, and the 2009 christmas knitting group.) i'll try to be better.

really, we should knit themey idol things: a simon cowl :snort again:, one of the many patterns with "paula" or "kara" in the name; and something to do with dogs. or pounds. or being randy. yeah, i'm not very good at this.