Saturday, January 17, 2009

RIP[ped] Tilted Duster

I had such good intentions. I loved this sweater from the minute I saw it on the cover of Interweave Knits in Fall 2007. But let's get real here (with apologies to Dr Phil). I messed up one of the shoulder decreases. This project requires not only seaming but seaming set-in sleeves. It's been sitting in three pieces in my stash, otherwise untouched, for over a year. I still love the look of this sweater. But it was never going to be finished.

We've been trying to follow some of the principles of FlyLady in our house, so with my timer in hand, I've been sorting through my stash little by little. When I came across this bag, I realized I'd just tossed aside into my "Oh, really, I will finish it, really I will" pile for the past year, which meant, no, I wasn't going to finish it.

So I took a deep breath and put it on the ballwinder. Um, Peruvia doesn't frog easily. But it does frog and the yarn is still in great shape. What does it want to be? An Amused (too fuzzy?) The Garter Stitch Cardigan from Knit.1 magazine?

Whatever it is, it has to be knit seamlessly.

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LisaBe said...

you could knit tilted duster seamlessly! the custom knits book has instructions for adapting pieced knits to seamless, right? there's a seamless knits group on the ravelry that could be helpful.