Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Plan of Action


  1. Clean up yarn
  2. Make Pioneer Woman Butternut Squash
  3. Make cranberry sauce
  4. Clean up yarn
  5. Go to work at yarn store where there is always the danger of buying more yarn
  1. Clean up the rest of the yarn
  2. Make Barefoot Contessa sausage stuffing
  3. Clean up for cleaning ladies (wtf, I know)
  4. Panic
What's your plan of action? If you don't have a craft room, what do you do with your yarn if you're having a lot of company?


Unknown said...

I hear you on cleaning for the cleaning people...and my "craft room" is the spare bedroom so I was planning on shoving rubbermaid bins into the closet.

Sarah said...

Ah, see, this is where having a dedicated yarn room comes in handy! I just throw it all up into the third floor, close the door, and forget about it.

Cara said...

i don't have a very large stash.... so containing it isn't very hard... i do have a small bin/basket (not rubbermaid) container that i leave out in the livingroom with my current project(s) in there.

as for the rest of my plan of action:
early tomorrow morning drive to east end to pick up my turkey, get lost at least once while there.

brine said turkey.

clean house as best as i can, chris will help too.

play, cook dinner, all the usual stuff.

put kids to bed.

do all my prep/chopping for thursday (wed night).

and finally, be really proud of myself that my stuffing recipe is the same word-for-word as barefoot contessa's and mine comes from my head!

happy thanksgiving!

Cara said...

oops, my comment is longer than your orig post... sorry....

Amy said...

I'm amazed at how relaxing it is to not have a plan of action because we aren't hosting this year! But that said, I'll miss not being with my parents and the trip to the ILs will inevitably screw up Heather's nap/sleep schedule.

What's sad is that I have my own room/office, but it is so messy that my yarn is in our bedroom. :-(