Thursday, December 04, 2008

So how's that Christmas knitting coming along: The Sequel

I'm pleased and amazed to say that it's coming along just fine. The key is to reduce, reduce, reduce expectations, both in terms of what I can do as a knitter who also wants to have a life, a job, etc. and what the family anticipates receiving. (In other words, I am not knitting a Clapotis and no one is expecting to receive a Clapotis.) I have knitted gifts (can't say what yet, just in case) completed for my brother, his girlfriend, my sister, some friends, and the children of some of my pals over at Go Get Your Jacket. I am not knitting for my husband and son because I knit for them throughout the year. My husband is in charge of taking care of his own family. All I have left to do are quick gifts for my parents, and that shouldn't take long. And that's a good thing, because we just got a Wii, and I expect that will cut down on the knitting time for now.

Woohoo! Go me!


Amanda said...

Woo! Go you!

LisaBe said...

go you indeed. and amen to resetting expectations.