Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mindless Garter Stitch....

...can be really beautiful and soothing. See?

(Lucy the Cat would like to point out that she is very beautiful and soothing as well.)

The first is the bodice of Juliet, knit in this gorgeous red colorway of Malabrigo I picked up at the Pittsburgh Knitting and Crochet Festival. The second is the beginning of my Knitting Rite of Passage, my first Elizabeth Zimmermann Baby Surprise Jacket, knit in Brooks Farm Solo, also purchased at the Knitting and Crochet Festival. (Please note that not only am I knitting from the stash, I am knitting with Precious Things from the stash.)

Both projects are really beautiful, but both have been a wee tad bit stressful in different ways. The Juliet is knit top down, and the beauty of that method is that you can try on as you go. So I tried on.....and realized that the bust measurement given by most designers must assume that the arms are toned. Um, mine are not, and so the underarms of the bodice are way too tight. At this point, I have to decide if I just rip back a few rows and continue with the increases. Or I can frog the whole thing and knit the large, but then possibly not be able to make the sweater as long as I'd like it. (And it turns out that the downside of knitting with Precious Things from the stash is that you can't just run down to the store and get more yarn if you run out.)

As for my Baby Surprise, well, I was surprised that getting started is a lot more complicated than it looks. I got confused by the third row. After a frantic email exchange and a phone call from a Concerned Michelle, I figured it out (the text of one email from me was, and I quote: "*$_)_)&$^#*#!!!!!") and am now rolling along with the help of a cheatsheet from Ravelry. Does it still count as a successful rite of passage if you use a cheatsheet?

I leave you with a delightful "perk" of my new job. I was the first to open the box of Noro Kureyon Sock when it arrived, and I bought the first one. Isn't it pretty? I'm Magic Looping for the first time, so wish me luck.

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LisaBe said...

very, very pretty things. and lucy is indeed very beautiful and soothing. i found two beautiful black cats who want to be adopted together at the animal rescue league and emailed them to smartboy. we'll see what happens.

sorry to hear that you have the same measurement issues as i have (re juliet). ugh. i cannot wait until i can get to my workout stuff and have space in which to use it. soon, soon... want to try going to yoga with me? or something?

i have found some great patterns for my noro silk garden. i'm thinking a one-skein scarf with one and some one-skein mitts for the others. i have to rip my yummy socks, though--my gauge is much bigger on it than with other socks, so 64 stitches came out too big for me. but i absolutely love it. it is yummy.