Sunday, March 23, 2008

Jumping up and down like a little girl


Perhaps this is a sign that I need to get a life, but the feeling I got when I read that the March '08 Rockin' Sock Club shipment had gone out sent a little thrill through me. Because I received my January shipment a few days later than everyone else, I didn't get my hopes up too high that I'd get it this week. So when my husband brought in a package yesterday from the mailbox, I started jumping up and down and clapping like a drunken Paula Abdul on American Idol finale night.

If the package alone got me that excited, you can imagine how I felt when I actually opened it. This colorway is a gorgeous study of greens, and if each shipment is going to be a study of color (January was red/orange), I am beyond thrilled with my membership.

So happy.

In other knitting news, I decided last week that I wanted to set some completion goals for myself. At the risk of making my fun leisure activity too much like homework, I decided to try to finish a sweater vest for The Toddler by Easter. I finished last night and wove in the ends this morning; all I need to do is find suitable buttons.

I have two secret knitting projects I need to finish by the beginning of April, so those are up next. I want to have Flair completed so I can wear it to Maryland Sheep and Wool at the beginning of May. And I MUST finish that *$_#_&% Christmas knitting, so the Clapotis will be finished by Mother's Day. I swear.

Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it!


LisaBe said...

i'm sure that i would go to hell for swearing on easter sunday, so i'll just say that i'm reeeally jealous of all the tonal yarns they're sending out this year and kicking myself for not joining. i have plenty of beautiful sock yarn. i have plenty of beautiful sock yarn. i have plenty of beautiful sock yarn.

Sarah said...

I was thrilled with the color, too, this month. What did you think of the pattern? I decided that this year I was going to not do the pattern if I didn't really like it, but I just love this pattern!