Monday, March 17, 2008

May I be excused? My brain is full

That's how I felt after leaving my "Socks Every Which Way" class that I took with Carla at Natural Stitches on Friday. In a three hour period, I learned to cast on for
  • one sock at a time on two circular needles
  • two socks at a time on two circular needles, top down AND toe up
  • one sock at a time using the Magic Loop method
  • two socks at a time using the Magic Loop method, top down AND toe up

See why my brain is full?

I think using the DPNs (or, Sticks of Satan as Melissa calls them) is seriously a major cause of my slow, slow, slow sock knitting, so I'm willing to give these other methods a go. The downsides, as I see them are 1. a huge mess if I make a mistake and have to rip back on not just one but two socks, and 2. not as many size options. I have a lovely DPN sock set from KnitPicks and appreciate the variations in size, particularly as I knit with variegated yarns that might pool with the slightest gauge change.

Any recommendations for a simple toe-up pattern?

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Sarah said...

The only basic toe-up I've done is Widdershins from Knitty, but I had to recalculate the numbers because using the stitch count in the pattern would have resulted in a seriously small sock. You could always use thicker yarn to get around that, though.

I've heard good things about Wendy's generic toe-up pattern, too, though I've never tried it myself. I'm more of a cuff down type of gal.