Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I P-Touched my child

Somehow I made it through a whole lot of graduate school with people thinking I was super-organized and efficient. Those of you who have been to my house know what a big joke that is. I am a "cluttery" person who uses the "big piles and stacks of stuff" method of organization.

Yet when I saw this P-Touch was $10 off at Costco yesterday, I felt that was a sign from God and Martha Stewart herself that I was meant to have it. I rationalized it by telling myself I would use it to organize my knitting; and I did, I used it to label my growing stack of three-ring binders that house my patterns. I also plan to use it to organize my Christmas knitting (that's Christmas '08, even though, yes, I still have outstanding projects from Christmas '07) by wrapping the finished objects in tissue paper and labeling them.

But I couldn't help myself. A toddler cries out to be labeled with a P-Touch, don't you think?


LisaBe said...

for sure. everything is better with a label.

Sarah said...

It's a good thing I don't have any sort of labeling machine. I would label everything, and I mean EVERYTHING (humans passing through included).

What did you think of the sock club shipment? I completely forgot it was coming in the midst of the wheel's arriving, so when it came it was icing on the cake. I literally scared my husband when I let out an exciting gasp when I saw it on the porch as we were pulling up to the house. He slammed on the breaks because he thought something was in the road.