Friday, November 30, 2007

Going to the Crazy Place, aka Christmas Knitting


You know how the Yarn Harlot talks about going to the crazy place around this time each year? I fear I am going there too. Here's what I have to do before Christmas:
  1. Gigantic Garter Rib Socks: I just turned the heel last night. I have to knit the too-long foot to match the other one, and this project should be done by the end of the weekend.
  2. Clapotis: I'm on the 5th repeat on the straight section. Why am I knitting this again, again? The Sheep Shop yarn is really beautiful and lovely to work with, though.
  3. Fetching and Calorimetry: I bought the yarn yesterday at Natural Stitches. Have I mentioned I've been there three times since the shop opened less than two weeks ago?
  4. Thuja: Uh, I have the yarn.
  5. Gentlemen's Fancy Socks: Yep, I have the yarn.
  6. Child's Sweater Vest: Have I mentioned I have the yarn?

Anyone else at the Crazy Place yet?


LisaBe said...

wth are you doing with a ticker?? for pete's sake, my anxiety just tripled just looking at it--gah!!

i haven't made my list, really. let's see. i think i have all the yarn bought for the projects about which i'm sure, but there are lots of people on the last list (no idea what i'm making them).

swirly hat in malabrigo worsted for my dad
dashing in wool pak 10-ply for my brother's wife
fetching in knit picks wool of the andes for my older nephew
juliet in wool pak 10-ply for my mother, along with some vintage earrings
tiffany mittens in wool of the andes for my husband's aunt
embossed leaves socks in koigu kpppm for my younger niece

in progress:
pashmina cowl in lily chin gramercy for my stepmother
girlfriend's swing-coat sweater in cascade sierra quatro for my older niece

not started and subject to change:
skater beanie in socks that rock for my little brother
roll-brim hat in malabrigo worsted for my younger nephew (i made one, but i think it's too small, so i need to make another)
airy scarf in claudia hand painted silk lace for my mother-in-law
a book from her wish list for my husband's sister (cheated)
men's rustic scarf in alpaca with a twist highlander for my husband's sister's wife
chevron scarf in koigu kpppm for my best friend in boulder

no ideas yet:
my big brother
my stepfather
my husband
my dogs
my father-in-law
my best friend in richmond

Melissa said...

The Mason-Dixon book is on its way to my mailbox. Whatever happens when it gets here...I will blame it all on you. Really, it's all your fault ;-) I have already got 2 nearly-finished projects going on, but am looking at starting more. There's something wrong with me, I just know it. After today's test, I'm devoting the rest of my pre-holiday time to doing things I WANT to do.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm in the crazy place. I just finished Cigar for my step dad, I have a lace scarf still not blocked for my dad's girlfriend, hats for sister and BIL are in progress, overalls for baby in progress, hat for 5 year old in progress.... other people aren't getting knitted gifts. I have too much stuff in progress!