Sunday, November 18, 2007

Could this sock be any bigger?

Crafts 013
Crafts 013,
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Seriously? I mean, I'm knitting for a man's size 11, and this is the sock that never ends. From what I'm learning on Ravelry, socks need to be knit at a really tight gauge, much tighter than what the label on the yarn suggests. I'm knitting these, made of a fairly thick fingering (KnitPicks Memories), on a size 1.5 DPN set. I'm not sure what my gauge is, but the stitches are very, very tiny, and I've had to beg for a third skein of this colorway on Ravelry. Combine that with a mindless but fiddly garter rib pattern and you have Sock Boredom kicking in pretty quickly. One down, one to go!

I'm having a really good time knitting with friends lately. Last week, Amy held an informal "Take Your Knitting Up a Notch" class and wrote a hat pattern for three friends who knew how to knit and purl but not much else. We went to Bloomin' Yarns, hereafter known as the Sock Crack Den, where I picked up two different colorways of Claudia Handpainted fingering for gifts. Then yesterday I met up with Lisa, Beth, and Michelle and ended up taking an impromptu fieldtrip to the newest LYS, Natural Stitches, where I bought yarn to do Backyard Leaves. The Cascade Wall is really fantastic, and the store has the best Malabrigo Worsted selection I've ever seen, so I will definitely be back with my husband to choose yarn for that sweater I've been promising him for years.

And also? When I worked at PKAB, I never had a stash. I never understood the concept of a stash. Sure, I worked on more than one project at a time, but I bought the yarn for projects as I went along. Today I am merrily entering my purchases into my Ravelry stash and it tells me "You are entering your 78th stashed yarn!" Where did all this yarn come from?


LisaBe said...

agreed on all points. especially the stash: i never used to have a stash. it's insane how much i love to acquire yarn. i fear that, when i finally get that craft room set up and my stash inventoried, i will undergo some kind of meltdown from seeing how much i have. it's not just the sock yarn, of which i have enough to make about 20 pairs of socks, but also the sweater yarn, of which i have enough to make 10 sweaters, i think. and then there are the miscellaneous leftovers, from which i could make a zillion hats or whatever. it's daunting. if only i didn't have anything to do other than knit.

Amy said...

I'm taking my mom to the new store tomorrow - can't wait.

I'm hoping to organize the stash and work on cleaning up my office while my parents are here. I'm sure the stash will scare me, but I also need to choose a yarn for my next sweater!