Friday, August 17, 2007

I finally get to make Anouk

Anouk! Anouk! I get to make Anouk!

I have been wanting to make this for pretty much forever, and now I get my chance to make this for the beautiful Sophia, who Melissa and Jon are so patiently waiting to bring home from Guatemala.

And whoever does the marketing at Jimmy Beans Wool is once again a genius. You can buy the yarn and the buttons for Anouk as a kit, which makes it a lot easier than bouncing back and forth between browsers, trying to remember how much you need for the size you want to make.

I'm so excited to begin the project. But, um, maybe I better finish some of the other things first.


LisaBe said...

oh, you are lucky! i have a baby sweater pattern in my ravelry queue that i'm eager to make, too. we have friends who've recently had a baby, but they aren't friends for whom i'd probably make a baby swaeter (out of state, more his friends than mine, didn't make anything for the first baby, the second baby is now n months old). i'm waiting for a good friend to get preggers so it'll be really fun to make it. squee!
i did get my new pattern from kpixie, so i'm really trying to finish my wips so i can cast it on. i'm still battling through the tangles on the covelite (yes, for two weeks now), though. grr!

Melissa said...

I'm so excited about this. I'm so grateful for and just humbled by how much support we have from so many people right now. Your email to tell/ask me about this project put me over the edge that day, but in a good way :-) Enjoy the rest of your trip. I love your siggy pic of Henry, too, BTW.