Friday, August 24, 2007

There's hope for me after all

Brian May earns his doctorate after 30 years.


Our time in Jackson is coming to an end, and I've made two more trips to Knit on Pearl. Now that I don't go to That Pittsburgh LYS That Shall Not Be Named*, I'm thrilled to support a nice, friendly LYS here. I picked up the special Interweave Felt issue, and felt (ha ha) an urge to felt again, after a felting hiatus of 2+ years. So I added Sophie and The French Market Bag to my Ravelry queue and picked up two lovely colors, Spice and Aubergine, of Lamb's Pride. I also bought Scarf Style; as I am highly suggestible, I added Falling Leaves to my queue as well because everyone else is doing it. Apparently I think I am going to knit from a chart. I have never knit from a chart before in my entire life. I don't know what gets into me sometimes.

* I received an email from CarlaK, via the knittiness and PGHKnitters groups on Yahoo. Apparently she has left the shop and is offering private lessons until the new store opens in Friendship this fall. The rates are very reasonable and she offers a huge variety of classes for all skill levels.


LisaBe said...

remind me to tell you my latest i'm-highly-suggestible story in a more private setting.
meanwhile, i can't wait to see your new stash. must go knit when you return. well, after you return and have had a chance to get your life sane again. vacation always turns my life upside down.
chart knitting scared the bejeezus out of me until i once. it is so not hard. i remembered that i'd done essentially the same thing when i'd done counted cross-stitch as a child--a favorite hobby of mine back then. as the sampler that hung in our kitchen (over which my best friend still teases me, 30+ years later) says, it's easy as pie! :)

CarlaK said...

Thanks for the mention. I can use all the exposure I can get. If anyone in the Pittsburgh area is interested in contacting be about classes I can be reached at And don't forget to watch for information about Natural Stitches the new yarn shop opening in late Fall.

Amy said...

I'm sure you can knit from a chart. It won't be a good "knitting with a toddler" project until you get the hang of the pattern. But once you get used to the symbols, it is a lot faster than reading words.

Of course, I have a background in cross-stitch, too, so that might explain why I found it to be pretty straightforward. :-)