Sunday, April 29, 2007

Knitty Gritty

Is it okay to confess I usually hate all the projects featured on the DIY show Knitty Gritty? As a knitter, I feel I am obligated to watch and support a tv show about knitting, but really, if this is the best we can do, I'm sad. I do not want to knit fuzzy dice for my car. I do not want to make a rasta hat. I do not want to knit a monitor cover. And I most certainly do not want to "knit on."

I will grudgingly admit that though obviously I am not the target audience for this show (as I will not be knitting bikini tops anytime soon) sometimes the show is excellent for showing techniques. This show on the double knitting technique was fabulous, for example, even though the project itself was beyond lame.

And the improvements continue: last week Cat Bordhi demonstrated her amazing Coriolis Sock. And how cute is this vintage inspired apron by Jordana Paige? It makes me want to actually knit something from the show. So I guess I won't delete Knitty Gritty from my dvr just yet.


Amanda said...

I agree there are quite a few episodes I am completly forcing myself to watch. On occasion I fast forward through the "first you cast on....." how to they seem to always include. There is a bright moment every once and a while and it makes recording the series worth while!

Amy said...

I think I'm going to switch it to just record the "new" episodes soon. I'm pretty sure I've seen all the old ones.

I still have Stephanie's and two of Cat's episodes in the DVR, so I can go back and watch Cat's again with needles in my hands. I just want to rewatch Stephanie's for the fun of it.

Oh, and I went to middle school with the woman who designed the monitor cover. ;-)