Thursday, April 26, 2007

Is there a Mason Dixon 12-Step Program?

Because I really need an intervention.

If you haven't picked up Mason Dixon Knitting yet, I really urge you to do so. This book of patterns for seeming everyday objects is the most fun and inspirational knitting book I've seen. The possibilities for things to do with cheap dishcloth cotton are endless. And keep in mind, I once managed a yarn store and wouldn't dream of using yarn from a Big Box store. If this book can convert a yarn snob like me, surely it has some power.

My latest obsession is the simple Baby Bib O' Love pattern. Cast on 40 stitches. Knit. Make some straps by binding off in the middle. Here's my Product Tester surveying my initial attempts, made with Sugar and Cream yarn.

But wait! It turns out that the good people at Elmore-Pisgah provide the Crack to feed the Mason Dixon craving. Amanda turned me on to the Mason Dixon pack, and the addiction really began. The customer service, by the way, at Elmore-Pisgah is outstanding. The shipping is a bit nuts, but the box of yarn arrives in two days, which is almost, but not quite, instant gratification. They also called me at home about my order and are just generally nice. I'll be ordering from them a lot.

Here are my latest efforts, in various states of finishing work (minus two I sent off for baby shower gifts). I started with the basic pattern, but found that the slip stitch pattern used for the Baby Genius Burp Cloths is much more pleasing. I also adapted the Ballband Dishcloth pattern for a bib after seeing one on the very inspirational Mason Dixon Knitalong Blog. Overall, I'd recommend making the effort to order the Peaches and Creme from Elmore Pisgah rather than settling for the Sugar and Cream from the Big Box stores: it wears better, feels softer, and the ombres are a million times more interesting.

It's been a lot of fun. I have a lot more bibs left in me, and luckily, a messy baby of my own as well as several new babies on the way to knit for. When I'm tired of that, I can move on to Ballband warshcloths and linen handtowels.


- said...

anna - i didn't know that you had a blog! i saw your comment on amy's blog and that's how i found it!

anyways, i'm glad to have yet another one to read and consume my time ha ha!

Amanda said...

Hi Anna! Welcome back to blogging! I myself have had a bit of writers block and misplaced my knitting mojo temporarily. Hopefully I will be back to posting again soon. Your bibs looks great!!

Bashirs Momma said...

Thanks for the info you left on the MDKAL blog. I wish I could find the Peaches N Cream locally; next time I make an internet yarn purchase, I will include a few skeins.

I really like the way you adapted the ballband pattern. That is my fave for warshrags, so it is nice to see it here.

I think I will have to have a kid for all this bib making! :)