Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ann Patchett on the Bookstore

I have a lot thoughts swirling around in my head about this, but for now, here's what Ann Patchett, who I saw speak at Pittsburgh Arts and Lectures last night, has to say about her new bookstore:

"I actually think that this is really going to work. The day of the small independent bookstore has returned. It's the giant bookstore that can't be sustained," she said.


LisaBe said...

interesting. bookstores are awesome places to sit and knit, which is most of my recreation time outside the house. but i already *have* a place to sit and knit at the yarn shop. but if the location were right (like, say, in the LYS shopping center or bakery square), i could see spending a lot of time there. also, unique and interesting inventory like kards unlimited in shadyside has. and really great, personable, small-town customer service goes a long way to getting me to come in.

LisaBe said...

i have an idea: how about you start a bookstore that adjoins the LYS!