Sunday, February 07, 2010

Snow Day!

You'd think snow days would be great for knitting, but I found myself so excited about the snow that I found it hard to settle down to knitting. We, unlike many others in the region, we fortunate that we had heat, power, and water. We had plenty to eat and nowhere to be (although the symphony, I have to say, took a shamefully long time to decide to cancel last night's concert). We had a Wii, good books, and Netflix. The worst thing that happened was that we lost our local HD channels, and that was remedied with a quick brush off of the dish once the snow stopped.

Once I did settle down, I worked on this, The Textured Shawl Recipe, in my new drug, Malabrigo Silky Merino. I find that two skeins can really take the edge off any craving to buy new yarn.

Here's another two-skein project using Malabrigo Silky Merino, Saroyan, by Liz Abinante:

And here's another one of Liz's free and most excellently-written patterns (seriously, I have paid for patterns that aren't anywhere near the quality of these free ones), the Traveling Woman Shawl. This one is knit in Dream in Color Smooshy in Gothic Rose; the deep, almost black red of the colorway is impossible to capture on film. Since my Shetland Triangle and Multnomah were WIPS on January 1, this is my first office entry for 10 Shawls in 2010.


LisaBe said...

i have been coveting a textured shawl for months. can't start it yet, but i will some day. and i agree about liz abinante's patterns. she rocks.
i finished a sock yesterday and tagged three (i think) shawls for 10 in 2010: my saroyan, lady eleanor, and clapotis (though the latter is really more like a scarf than a stole). oh, and the ulmus i'm starting on friday. squee!

Yvonne said...

You were a very productive knitter! I finished the body of Bill's sweater, and started seaming the last of the sweaters you gave me. Other than that, my day was spent shoveling and dealing with children.

Anonymous said...

i love how you call sending your husband up on the roof before he has to play carnegie hall a "quick brush off of the dish once the snow stopped."