Sunday, April 05, 2009

And now to really make it complicated...

...I can't find matching ribbon for this bonnet. That's the problem with trying to be all fresh and modern instead of sticking to tried and true color combinations. Lisa and I looked at every single ribbon in Joann's and Pat Catans last night. (And is it just me who enters into this trance-like state when I enter the door of a Pat Catans? I suddenly get urges to make those plastic needlepoint kleenex box covers. Or to tie great big bows on baskets. Or to Bedazzle something. Last time I went to Pat Catans, I walked out with a jumbo-sized bag of jingle bells. I don't know why, but at the time it very much seemed like I needed those jingle bells.)

Anyway, this brown was the best I could do. I really wanted to match the teal, but since I have to take this gift in person in a few days, I can't do mail order. The perfectionist in me is really twitching on this one.

In other news:
  • I'm working hard on some test knitting I hope to share with you soon and some way cute store samples.
  • I got a hard-to-find copy of The Knitter - the newish UK knitting magazine for "advanced" knitters at Joann's last night.
  • I am delusional enough to think I'll have something new knitted up to wear in three weeks at Maryland Sheep and Wool.
  • And, to keep myself honest, I hereby declare that I am watching my weight.


Cara said...

adorable bonnet! i personally like the brown ribbon.

Amanda said...

I am with Cara- love the brown ribbon.