Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I loves the green

I was kitchnering up (is that a word) my Spring Forwards in Smooshy in the Happy Forest colorway and realized I have an awful lot of green sock yarn.

And yet somehow, when I shop, I seem to forget that I have all this green sock yarn at home and immediately pick up the green again. Really, who has this many green socks? Anyone else have a strange fascination with a colorway that you'd never wear in a store-bought sock?


Sarah said...

I think just about all my hand-knit socks are in a color I wouldn't buy in a store!

Unknown said...

I would probably always buy green sock yarn I can't say I'd ever buy green socks! mmmm...I love some Happy Forest! I thought you were a red girl? I didn't know you had this green side!

LisaBe said...

sounds like a common disorder. i do tend to make them in colors i'd wear, which is part of my addiction to semisolids. but i still love colors, so i make them for other people. at least, that's what i tell myself i'm doing.

of course, the only pair of socks i've ever made for *you* are green, too!

p.s. socks that rock doesn't count. especially the lucky colorway. to die.

Denise said...

ooh I love that last sock, pink & green = yum