Monday, September 08, 2008

I can haz Ravelry bag?

It's official. I am a knitting bag whore. I've been waiting for months to be at the right place at the right time to score a Ravelry Knitting bag (to the point where Lisabee and I were stalking Very Important Founders of Ravelry last May at Md Sheep and Wool to find out how to get them) and mine finally arrived this morning.

This makes
  • one prized Jordana Paige bag
  • one floral bag purchased at Handmade Arcade last year
  • one huge Md Sheep and Wool bag
  • one bag from the old Pittsburgh Knit and Bead
  • one sock monkey bag from the Chewy Spaghetti Blue Plate Special Club
  • one plain old tote from Target that was supposed to be The Toddler's beach bag
And despite those seven bags, I still coveted and desired a customer's beautiful Namaste bag at the store last week. I need help.


Melissa said...

I'm just a general bag whore. Knitting has brought some of my favorite bags out of hiding because I'm not afraid to use them to carry something as light as yarn. One in particular is a canvas knapsack from my trip to the Galapagos. Just seeing the big iguana on the side makes me smile. I don't have a Ravelry tote, but I do have one of the Knitters for Obama bags. That one has generated some conversation :-) I'm scurrying off to google the other bags in your post if I don't know what they are already because I'll never miss an opportunity to moon over a neat bag. And avoid doing homework.

LisaBe said...

i, too, suffer from this sickness. for our leather anniversary in a few weeks, i'm contemplating asking for a bag i just saw advertised in interweave knits. it's sad.

Unknown said...

wow, I'm really behind in the bag acquistion...I only have two! I've been looking over some nice baskets for home decor/current project storage though!

Sarah said...

It is my opinion that one can never have too much yarn or too many knitting bags.

And now I am quite jealous of your Ravelry tote.