Sunday, August 10, 2008

Picking myself back up

I'm not part of the Ravelry Olympics, but I cast on for these Spring Forward socks on Friday night as I watched the opening ceremonies of the 2008 games. The yarn is the July selection of the Rockin' Sock Club -- these are really not my colors, but I'm enjoying the yarn and making peace with the blue spiral pooling, which seems is what the yarn wants to do. It's a fast, fast knit and the lace is easy to memorize and read as you go.

As for my online silence, well, all I can say is that it was so much worse after all. We've been battling moths of all kinds for weeks, and I've lost a lot of finished objects and some stash. The upside is that it's really, really made me reconsider my yarn buying habits (yes, again) and I realized that I need to enjoy what I have. Yet I wouldn't wish this on my worst knitting nemesis, if I had a knitting nemesis, that is. Wish us luck in getting rid of this problem for good. I'm already on a first name basis with half the employees of Terminex already!


cosymakes said...

yikes!! sorry to hear about the moths, and may they be leaving you soon.

Sarah said...

Oh no! I am so scared of moths invading my stash, and I'm so sorry to hear they got to yours. But hey, this is a good excuse to restash, right?

Love the socks!

LisaBe said...

love the socks. i'll have to make some, too.

i tagged a bunch of wips to finish for the ravelympics, but i lost the first two days to too much work. i joined the slacker ravelympics group, which is awesome. i may make something, i don't know. today i mostly slept (like insanely late then took a meganap) thanks to a migraine. who could have seen that coming? stress, little sleep, excitement, and heat? yeah, that's a classic recipe (take note, mich!) for a lisa-migraine cocktail.

Unknown said...

well, I know your moth situation is on the mend and it made me take note of my possibly problematic stash storage, so someone else benefited from this, too! Thank god for Rubbermaid! Good to have you back online!