Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Amanda has saved the day!

Jimmy Beans Wool will replace broken Lantern Moon needles for just the cost of shipping and handling, even if the needles were purchased elsewhere. Hooray! Hooray!

Since the pain of breaking an expensive needle has been alleviated, I figure this is the Knitting Universe's way of telling me Enough with the Mason Dixon Bibs already. I'll continue work on Tempting and perhaps begin my socks. (By the way, I bought 8 inch DPNs for those. Too long?)

PS Just so I don't lose my grumpy edge, KnitPicks is now claiming June 25 as the date when CotLin will be available. Hmm.


LisaBe said...

how awesome is jimmy beans' customer service?? i heart them. i'm so relieved for you--my heart just sank for you when i read your previous post!

Amanda said...

Hooray for fabulous yarn shops!!

Lisa said...

Thank you for linking to the newsletter in your blog...i just broke my lantern moon, and remembered you did the exchange. i think i'll be ordering from jimmy beans soon :)