Monday, June 18, 2007

Grumpy Knitter

Dear Knitpicks:

I really would like to purchase some CotLin. Would you please sell me some? At first you said it would be back in stock on May 31. So on May 31, I went to your website and you'd changed it to June 15. Last Friday was June 15, so I eagerly went online to choose my colors. No! You changed the date again to June 18!

It's June 18. Your website indicates that you have CotLin available. I placed six skeins in my cart. But when I went to my cart, you wouldn't let me buy it!

What is wrong with you people? Either you have it, or you don't. If you're sold out, stop advertising CotLin tantalizingly from your main page. It's cruel to hold out the promise of CotLin, only never to deliver.


PS I'm reading the Yarn Harlot books, which I confess I've never read before. Why, dear Yarn Harlot, did you stick that Dead Baby story in the middle of an otherwise charming and funny book? I know you mean it as a Tender Story that Shows the Emotional Power of Knitting, but it's not a Lesson I need right now.

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Cara said...

i'm just catching up on your blog... i too am reading her books for the first time. and i totally agree about that horribly sad story... not needed, very touching but it put me in a sad state.